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Here the long list of people who have contributed pieces of code to ROOT since the project started in 1995. The project would not be what it is today without them.

Roel Aaij: contribution to GUI classes

Mohammad Al-Turany: QTGSI classes

Eric Anciant: TQuaternion class

Aberto Annovi: speed-up of TH1::FillRandom when source & destination have identical parameters

Ilka Antcheva: editor of the User's Guide, quality assurance, many contributions to the high level GUIs

Silvia Arcelli: Contribution to THnSparse

Khamit Ardashev: Improvements in h2root/hntvar2 to support small integers as shorts

Elias Athanasopoulos: Ruby interpreter interface

Alejandro Alvarez Ayllon: TSSLSocket class and integration in TWebFile

Maarten Ballintijn: initial linux port, PROOF development

Paul Balm: implemented TDatabasePDG::ConvertGeant3ToPDG

Daniel Barna: CINT install target

Jean-Francois Bastien: contribution to Reflex

Peter D Barnes: contribution to the matrix classes

Guy Barrand: contribution to GUI classes

Bertrand Bellenot: port of ROOT GUI to Win32 using Win32 version of GDK/GLIB

Zev Benjamin: TPacketizerProgressive class for PROOF

Denis Bertini: changes needed so TCanvas can be embedded in Qt GUI, memory leak checker

Dario Berzano: Dataset stager daemon and other PROOF related contributions

Adrian Bevan: class TFeldmanCousins: TMath::BubbleHigh, TMath::BubbleLow

Marek Biskup: PROOF contributions

Brian Bockelman: THDFSFile for accessing the Hadoop file system, Improvement to ROOT I/O disk and memory efficiency.

Sebastian Boeser: class TGraphPolar

Dennis Box: TPgSQLStatement implementation

Dan Bradley: Chirp plugin which allows remote file access via the Condor Chirp protocol

Gerhard Brandt: class THtml, generation of the clickable class hierarchy

Thomas Bretz: Additions to TF1: functions IntegralFast and CalcGaussLegendreSamplingPoints, Improvements in TRolke

Nicolas Brun: classes TFormula, TText, TLatex

Rene Brun: ROOT conception, all parts of the system

Ernst-Jan Buis: contour drawing options "AITOFF","MERCATOR","SINUSOIDAL","PARABOLIC"

Nenad Buncic: HTML documentation generator, 3D shapes and geometry classes, interface to X3D

Toby Burnett: Support for indirect files in hadd utility

Damir Buskulic: LinuxPPC support, contribution to the User's Guide, customizable context menus

Philippe Canal: interface from ROOT/CINT to native compiler, FNAL support coordinator, support and development of TTreeFormula and TTree query mechanism

Federico Carminati: updates in PDG codes and eventgenerator interface classes, TSpline classes, Support for gcc option -weffc++

Gian Paolo Ciceri: PostgreSQL interface

Jan Conrad: class TRolke and tutorial Rolke.C

Olivier Couet: implement support for CellArrays in TPostScript, SVG driver, graphics support, development of 3-d interface

Ben Cowan: port to MacOS X

Kyle Cranmer: contribution in RooStats

Bianca-Cristina Cristescu: contributions to ROOT6 / meta

David Dagenhart: Support for LZMA compression in ROOT files

Bastien Dallapiazza: TSpider, TParallelCoord classes

Christophe Delaere: TLimit TLimitDataSource TConfidenceLevel and TMultiLayerPerceptron classes

Matthieu Demaret: class TGraphPolar

Jason Detwiler: Implementation of class KelvinFunctions, Implementation of multiple columns in TLegend class, Implementation of TClonesArray::MultiSort, TTree support for csv files

Adrien Devresse: libRDAVIX, the davix client code

Mat Dobbs: TLegend class

Alvise Dorigo: libNetx, the xrootd client code

Pierre-Luc Drouin: extensions of TFormula and bug fixes

Jean-Damien Durand: CASTOR interface code in the TCastorFile class

Anders Eie: TTreeReader

Rutger v.d. Eijk: various contributions to GUI classes

Giulio Eulisse: class TQtLock

Denis Favre-Miville: contribution to the GUI and graphics editors

André Felipe: CINT contributions

Jan Fiete Grosse-Oetringhaus: several contributions to PROOF testing and class TGridJDL

Valerio Filippini: contribution of TGenPhaseSpace class

Kirill Filimonov: modified Struve functions in TMath

Frank Filthaut: contribution of TFractionFitter class

Valery Fine: Win95/NT port, OpenGL interface

Lucie Flekova: several improvements of the GUI Builder

Leandro Franco: xrootd multi-buffer support, prefetching, read-ahead

Markus Frank: STL I/O and TBranchElement splitting, Implementation of TRefProxy

John Frankland: TString contributions

Oliver Freyermuth: SQLite plugin

Keisuke Fujii: port to MacOS X

Fabrizio Furano: libNetx, the xrootd client code, libRDAVIX, the davix client code

Nikolai Gagunashvili: Reimplementation of TH1::Chi2Test

Gerardo Ganis: all matters related to client/server authentication, PROOF developments

Davide Gerbaudo: VIOLIN drawing option for 2D histograms.

Nerses Gevorgyan: support for exporting Neural Nets into Fortran code

Andrei Gheata: main developer of the ROOT geometry classes

Mihaela Gheata: many contributions to the geometry package, extension of g2root, author of stressgeom

Mary-Louise Gill: editline terminal interface

Thorsten Glebe: Original author of the Smatrix package

Piotr Golonka: class TMCParticle

Masaharu Goto: CINT C/C++ interpreter

Roberto Gracia Del Baño: Event Recorder

Oleksandr Grebenyuk: Major developments in TLatex and TPostScript text., OpenLDAP interface

Kristjan Gulbrandsen: monitoring facility for PROOF, Clarens and PEAC interfaces for PROOF

Christian Gumpert: class TEfficiency and new TGraphAsymmErrors::Divide

Andrew Haas: add support for asymmetric errors in the GraphFitChisquare functions, implement TGraphAsymmErrors::BayesDivide and corresponding functions

Daniel Haertl: Reimplement in C++ the original chi2test of Nikolai Gagunashvili

Andy Hanushevsky: the eXtended ROOT daemon (xrootd)

Robert Hatcher: class TXTRU and tutorials xtruDraw.C and xtruSamples.C, class TTimeStamp

Bill Heintzelman: TTree::AutoFlush,Autosave improvements

Miroslav Helbich: apply method in the TGraph classes

Marc Hemberger: contributions to the thread classes, SapDB interface

Fabio Hernandez: TS3WebFile with improved Amazon S3 and Huawei support, Extend TS3WebFile to also support Google Storage

Andreas Hoecker: author of the TMVA package

Carsten Hof: Implementation of classes TGraphEditor, TH1Editor and TH2Editor

Ivana Hrivnacova: VirtualMC design and implementation + corresponding web pages

Jacek M. Holeczek: dynamic linker interface for IBM/AIX, contributions to MakeTree code, generator, many comments on the Users Guide, HowtoMC

Christian Holm Christensen: contributions to the build system (configure,,, implementation of the principal component analysis class TPrincipal, debian and redhat packaging scripts, port to GNU/Hurd (Debian)

Marian Ivanov: memory leak checker

Jan Iwaszkiewicz: PROOF dataset upload mechanism

Stanislaw Jadach: the FOAM classes

Lukasz Janyst: split vector<T*> and schema evolution, new xrootd client plugin TNetXNGFile

Chris Jones: Optimizations of the write portion of TStreamerInfo and TBranchElement.

Luke Jones: class TGraphDelaunay

Pierre Juillot: various contributions to the postscript driver

Michal Kapalka: improvements in the ZIP package

Susan Kasahara: many contributions to the debuging phase of the I/O system

Guenter Kickinger: PROOF contributions

Stephan Kluth: changes in rootcint to handle templates

Anna Kreshuk: contrinutions to TMath, TH1::Chi2Test, TFitter::GraphFitChisquare

Daniele Francesco Kruse: contribution to the GDML interface

Dmytro Kustov: OpenBSD port

Christian Lacunza: TTabCom [TAB] command line expansion class, #1 bug reporter

Yue Shi Lai: TMathText class

Alfio Lazzaro: Integrating Minuit2 in Roofit and adding support for MPI

Wim Lavrijsen: PyRoot package

Kerry Lee: Contribution to TDatime::Set

Josef Leydold: UNURAN package and interfaces

Bruno Lenzi: TEntryListArray

Sergey Linev: XML interface package, SQL interface extensions, ODBC driver

Yan Liu: TOracleResult

Joa Ljungvall: original author of TGTextViewStream

Jose Lo: SAX and DOM XML parser interfaces

Anna-Pia Lohfink: Guide lines in Editor, Opacity, Gradient

Constantin Loizides: PROOF testing and debugging

Johan Lundberg: Additions to the TRolke class

Elaine Lyons: First versions of the Users Guide

Henry Maddocks: FTGL package (

Anar Manafov: STL compatible iterators for ROOT collections, gLite plugin, PROOF development

David Gonzalez Maline: contribution to GUI classes

Diego Marcos Segura: Fundamental CINT call wrapper improvements

John Marraffino: improvements in TUnixSystem::StackTrace()

Mike Marino: script to run a CSV file with python in tutorials/pyroot

Claudi Martinez: provided the fitsio module

Andy Mastbaum: implementation of TH1::Interpolate and TH2::Interpolate

Jiri Masik: Numerous contributions to the system, has submitted many suggestions and ideas. Found and fixed many bugs, pioneer on many fronts, installation, support

Pere Mato: PyRoot package, cmake build system

Richard Maunder: OpenGL developments

Grzegorz Mazur: class TDCacheFile, interface to DESY's dCache system

Marco Meoni: PROOF CPU quota, CAF and AliEn contributions

Ramon Medrano Llamas: PROOF worker autodiscovery via Bonjour

Akiya Miyamoto: port to IBM AIX with xlC v5.x

Tgiran Mkrtchyan: class TDCacheFile, interface to DESY's dCache system, libRDAVIX, the davix client code

Lorenzo Moneta: Math libraries

Miroslav Morhac: TSpectrum classes

Dave Morrison: library load path fixes, some Makefile updates

Andreas Morsch: many contributions to the Virtual Monte Carlo

Alja Mrak-Tadel: Several contributions to GUI and GL

Johannes Muelmenstaedt: kerberos5 authentication module

Pasha Murat: Lorentz vector classes, PDG interface

Axel Naumann: THtml improvements (namespace, header/footer), many suggestions for Trees, CINT/Reflex integration, cling co-author, cling integration

Stanislav Nesterov: TFumili class

Anne-Sylvie Nicollerat: improvements in tutorial hadd.C to take into account Trees

Maxim Nikulin: improvements in the TGraph suite memory management functions

Paul Nilsson: PROOF contributions (TProofResources classes)

Marcin Nowak: Extend TTreeIndex and TTreeFormula to suport 64bit integer.

John Odonnell: contributed to TFormula the support for recursive functions definitions

Eddy Offermann: contributed to the TGraph Paint functions, contributed to the TMatrix classes (InvertPosDef)

Valeriy Onuchin: port of ROOT GUI to Win32 using Win32 version of GDK/GLIB, various contributions to GUI classes (scrolled text in TGTextEntry), implementation of Qt like signals and slots mechanism (TQObject,, TQConnection, etc.), author of Carrot

Katerina Opocenska: author of the Event Recorder

Juan Palacios: Contribution to symmetric representation of SMatrix classes

Suzanne Panacek: editor of the User's Guide

Iulia Pasov: prototyping JavaScript graphics with d3.js

Marc Paterno: implement utility functions used by TGraphAsymmErrors::BayesDivide

Victor Perevoztchikov: optimized hash function, filename expander, testing and comments of the Automatic Schema Evolution system

Andreas Peters: TGrid extension and TAlien plugin, TMonaLisa monitoring plugin

Danilo Piparo: contribution in RooStats and Math, Dictionaries and integration with experiments' frameworks

Filip Pizlo: TBits extension and test program testbits.cxx

Muriel Pivk: class TSPlot

Timur Pocheptsov: OpenGL viewer, gl-pad, ROOT browser for iOS, graphics back-end for OS X.

Witold Pokorski: contributed to the GDML interface

Art Poskanzer: contributed to styles Bold, Video, Pub

Miha Puc: contributed to TMath::Voigt

Gilles Quemener: contributed to TMultiDimFit::EvalError function

Bartolomeu Rabacal: Math libraries: GoFTest and TKDE classes

Fons Rademakers: ROOT conception, all parts of the system

Nathalie Rauschmayr: port to x32 psABI and its validation

Sven Ravndal: initial event generator interface

Reiner Rohlfs: various contributions to GUI classes

Stefan Roiser: Reflex and Cintex

Paul Russo: Improvements in I/O

Sangsu Ryu: PROOF contributions

Justin Salmon: new xrootd client plugin TNetXNGFile

Pawel Sawicki: the FOAM classes

Otto Schaile: various contributions to GUI classes

Heiko Scheit: improvements in TTreePlayer::DrawSelect()

Manuel Schiller: contribution on the Cholesly decomposition in SMatrix, contributions in RooFit

Gregory Schott: contributions in RooStats

Jason Seely: contribution to TH1::GetAsymmetry()

Daniel Sigg: TGNumberEntry GUI widget

Evgenia Smirnova: OpenLDAP interface

Stefan Schmitt: contribution to TUnfold class

Elvin Alin Sindrilaru: Asynchronous prefetching of TTree baskets

Tomasz Sosnicki: contribution to gviz3d/TStructViewer

Marcelo Sousa: Amazon S3 and Google Storage I/O plugins

Peter Speckmayer: author of the TMVA package

Abdelhalim Ssadik: contribution to GUI classes (TGDockableFrame)

Joerg Stelzer: author of the TMVA package

Matthew Strait: Documentation improvements

Christian Stratowa: development of class TGraphSmooth + many suggestions

Matevz Tadel: Several contributions to the 3-d graphics and GL interface

Evgueni Tcherniaev: Paint3DAlgorithms used by the LEGO and SURF options

Jan Therhaag: author of the TMVA package

Tim Tran: Full implementation of all projections in THistPainter::ShowProjection3

Long Tran-Thanh: PROOF contributions

Alexandre V. Vaniachine: byteswapping assembler code for the i486 and up

Gene Van Buren: TF1, TF2, TF3 Moment functions

Marco van Leeuwen: THistPainter improvements: support for log scales with CONT options

Peter van Gemmeren: Support for multiple cached TTree in a single TFile

Wouter Verkerke: Author of the RooFit package

Brett Viren: contributed the GUI TGTableLayout manager and the Viewer example program

Guido Volpi: class TPie

Eckhard von Toerne: author of the TMVA package

Vassil Vassilev: cling co-author

Helge Voss: author of the TMVA package

Shaowen Wang: TOracleResult

Hady Zalek: contributed to Reflex

Andreas Zoglauer: contributed to TStyle::CreateGradientColorTable()

Our sincere thanks and apologies to anyone who deserves credit but fails to appear in this list.