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Development release 6.09/02 is out!

This is the first ROOT development release of the 6.09 series! It is meant to offer a preview of the many features which will be included in the 6.10 production release.

Some highlights:

  • Automatic colouring of plots. How? Check this out here.
  • The TDataFrame framework landed in ROOT: it is possible to analyse data contained in ROOT trees in a functional manner taking advantage transparently of all cores of your machine
  • More building blocks for expressing parallelism: check out our TThreadExecutor class!
  • More parallelism behind the scenes, for example parallel compression when writing to a TTree. Just let ROOT run your code in parallel: invoke ROOT::EnableImplicitMT()
  • A faster ROOT: for example lots of symbols are now hidden, TMethodCall is now twice as fast as before.
  • ClassDefInline(MyClass, 3) adds ClassDef functionality without the need to generate a dictionary, which is especially useful for scripts and other non-framework code.

Check it out here