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MathCore Library

MathCore provides a collection of functions and C++ classes for numerical computing. This library includes only the basic mathematical functions and algorithms and not all the functionality required by the physics community. The current set included classes are:

  • Basic special functions like the gamma, beta and error function.
  • Statistical functions. Mathematical functions used in statistics, such as the probability density functions and the cumulative distributions functions (lower and upper integral of the pdf's).
  • GenVector class: physics and geometry vectors for 3 and 4 dimensions with their transformations (rotations and boost).
  • Generic (ROOT::Math::IFunction) and parametric (ROOT::Math::IParamFunction) function interfaces for one and multi dimensions.

A detailed description for all MathCore classes is available in the online reference documentation.

A more advanced mathematical functionality is provided by the MathMore library.

Some tutorials about the library