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03-08-2017 The ROOT Docker container (alpha version)

Do you like Docker? Would you like to use ROOT? We provide an alpha version of the ROOT Docker container!

08-03-2017 Development release 6.09/02 is out!

This is the first ROOT development release of the 6.09 series! It is meant to offer a preview of the many features which will be included in the 6.10 production release.

05-09-2016 Get the most out of the ROOT tutorials!

All ROOT tutorials are now available as ROOTBooks which can be statically visualized via NBViewer or interactively explored with SWAN.

06-07-2016 CERN Summer Students' Course

The CERN Summer Student program is in full swing and ROOT is part of it.

05-01-2016 Wanted: A tool to 'warn' user of inefficient (for I/O) construct in data model

A tool to 'warn' user of inefficient (for I/O) construct in data model

16-12-2015 Try the new ROOTbooks on Binder (beta)

Try the new ROOTbooks on Binder (Beta)! Use ROOT interactively in notebooks and explore to the examples.

05-12-2015 ROOT has its Jupyter Kernel!

ROOT has its Jupyter kernel! More information here.

15-09-2015 ROOT Users' Workshop 2015
The next ROOT Users' Workshop will celebrate ROOT's 20th anniversary. It will take place on 15-18 Sept 2015 in Saas-Fee, Switzerland
03-09-2015 The New ROOT Website is Online!

The new ROOT website is online!

02-09-2015 Wanted: Storage of HEP data via key/value storage solutions

Interface the ROOT I/O to key/value stores.

29-08-2015 Wanted: Ruby Bindings for ROOT6

Upgrade the Ruby bindings to leverage the ROOT6 technology.

16-08-2015 ROOT Tutorial for Summer Students

Four instances of the summer student tutorial took place this year: more than 140 people attended.

28-03-2015 Commandline tools for ROOT files inspection, modification and automated plotting

Create a unix-like set of Python command line tools to explore, modify and display the content of ROOT files.

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