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17-01-2018 ROOT Users' Workshop 2018

The ROOT team would like to invite you to the 11th ROOT Users' Workshop.

Festina Lente Bridge This time we meet in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina - a buzzing melting pot of cultures since centuries. The workshop features four days of presentations and discussions on everything ROOT: what works for you, what doesn't and how ROOT evolves to address future challenges. ROOT is changing; this is your chance to influence what happens and to interact with all its developers! Our way of saying "thank you for participating" is to make sure that you have a great time in a unique location!

03-08-2017 The ROOT Docker container (alpha version)

Do you like Docker? Would you like to use ROOT? We provide an alpha version of the ROOT Docker container!

08-03-2017 Development release 6.09/02 is out!

This is the first ROOT development release of the 6.09 series! It is meant to offer a preview of the many features which will be included in the 6.10 production release.

05-09-2016 Get the most out of the ROOT tutorials!

All ROOT tutorials are now available as ROOTBooks which can be statically visualized via NBViewer or interactively explored with SWAN.

06-07-2016 CERN Summer Students' Course

The CERN Summer Student program is in full swing and ROOT is part of it.

05-01-2016 Wanted: A tool to 'warn' user of inefficient (for I/O) construct in data model

A tool to 'warn' user of inefficient (for I/O) construct in data model

16-12-2015 Try the new ROOTbooks on Binder (beta)

Try the new ROOTbooks on Binder (Beta)! Use ROOT interactively in notebooks and explore to the examples.

05-12-2015 ROOT has its Jupyter Kernel!

ROOT has its Jupyter kernel! More information here.

15-09-2015 ROOT Users' Workshop 2015
The next ROOT Users' Workshop will celebrate ROOT's 20th anniversary. It will take place on 15-18 Sept 2015 in Saas-Fee, Switzerland
03-09-2015 The New ROOT Website is Online!

The new ROOT website is online!

02-09-2015 Wanted: Storage of HEP data via key/value storage solutions

Interface the ROOT I/O to key/value stores.

29-08-2015 Wanted: Ruby Bindings for ROOT6

Upgrade the Ruby bindings to leverage the ROOT6 technology.

16-08-2015 ROOT Tutorial for Summer Students

Four instances of the summer student tutorial took place this year: more than 140 people attended.

28-03-2015 Commandline tools for ROOT files inspection, modification and automated plotting

Create a unix-like set of Python command line tools to explore, modify and display the content of ROOT files.

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