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It's been a while since the last activity on our blog. However, it doesn't mean that we are not spending every minute to work on improving the ROOT Framework. We talk a lot about Cling these days not only because it will be important part of ROOT 6, but because we are very excited and proud of... more
Hi, A delegation of the ROOT team (Fons, Vassil and I) have been invited by Google Zurich to give a Tech Talk on cling. We had a great night in Zurich. Great nights always have consequences on the next day - but as "talk quality" and "nightlife fun" are in different dimensions there is no... more
Hi, I wish you a relaxing break - be it Christmas, Hanukah, family or presents. All the best for next year: start off with a good party, go on with successful physics and a happy private life! And where applicable, please continue to use ROOT in 2012 ;-) As a little ROOTy Christmas gift,... more
Hi, "A ROOT User" asks "Is it really necessary to replace CINT dictionary with cling?", bringing up very reasonable concerns and arguments against re-implementing CINT. I will try to answer his comments to clarify why we do it, and how it connects with the rest. A fundamental misconception is... more
Hi, One of ROOT's traditional features: you can use it on any platform. That was especially true in the past: Linux, Windows, MacOS, Solaris, AIX, HPUX - you name it: ROOT was there. But now we have a different environment: devices are getting smaller, and next to good old Linux and Windows in... more
Hi, The C++ standards committee has published the LaTeX sources of the standard documents (as they are now, not the ones used for the standardization of C++2011) at I.e. if you don't like the way a compiler looks at your code, you can now edit the document,... more
Hi, Marcelo asked about how I see the future of dictionaries with cling, if we manage to replace CINT with cling. Given that many people probably don't know what those "dictionaries" really do, I decided to post it! I'll keep it as simple and short as possible. CINT sees code that you enter... more
Hi, We, the cling team, have announced cling, our C++ interpreter prototype! (note: its SVN repository has changed compared with the announcement email; see the build instructions) To a large extend thanks to Vassil's impressive commitment, cling now behaves like a good C++ interpreter: it... more
Hi, The new C++ standard has been approved: 21 countries voted "yes", 0 "no", and 14 abstained. The official name will be ISO/IEC 14882:2011(E). But there is an ongoing discussion whether the nick name should be C++0x or C++11 - given that the the next version should be published within the... more
Hi, CERN is now a member of the C++ standards committee. The LHC experiments and CERN itself use and have created a C++ code base of an estimated 50 million lines of code. Tens years, thousands of developers. About 10,000 people using C++ connected at CERN: users and staff. Given those... more