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Hi, As you have probably noticed, colors arrived at ROOT's prompt about a year ago: known types got blue, matching parentheses light up green, non-matching ones red. Nothing spectacular, except for the fact that this was done by a summer student, and that it was possible without readline. She... more
Hi, ROOT now follows a pattern that's pretty common out there: before publishing the next production release v5.30 end of June, we will have two release candidates: v5-30-00-rc1 and -rc2. Only corrections will go into the release branch between these release candidates and the final release. RC1... more
Hi, We have released a development release about a week ago. Probably not many people noticed - but it contains a revolution, and we'd like to know what you think about it: is it too brutal? Is it what you were longing for all your life? The revolution I was referring to is not pink, orange,... more
Hi! We are going to change the way we do releases: we will have release candidates! On a release branch! Fons has created a Google Calendar that's public (for reading :-), which shows the schedule for the next production release: The HTML link is here. It allows you to see our release... more
Hi! This is a post that is relevant to about 0.000000% (o, I forgot a "1"!) of the readers: how to implement the missing dladdr() in AIX5. I could not find it anywhere, nobody seemed to have an implementation - and CINT needs it. So when porting v5.28.00 to AIX5 I needed to deal with it. To... more
Hi! Build systems belong to the world's most irrelevant things. That is: if they work: if they rebuild the parts that depend on a change, if they work for all platforms, and if they are fast. We are pretty happy with our unspectacular configure && make build system: it gets the... more
Hi! I noticed that lately, on Ubuntu 10.10, I dont get any! backtrace! anymore! Nothing! I ran e.g. root [0] TObject *o = (TObject*)8764586 root [1] o->GetName() *** Break *** segmentation violation Root > .q In the past I got a nice stacktrace showing what called what,... more
Hi! Sorry for having been blog-lazy; first New Year's resolution: more posts. This time I'll spread two revolutionary news items; they are "officially" public but hey, that doesn't mean everybody knows :-) It's on Rene and Fons, and no, you guessed wrong :-) Rene will start a new project... more
Hi! Welcome to our new server, a blazingly fast 8 core Xeon 5520 with 24GB RAM. Don't tell anyone, but it's not running SLC5... Talking about OSes: Ubuntu Server is a really nice OS. Fons managed to migrate all services; not easy given that we had to do a close-to-instantaneous switch. Now... more
Hi! The C++ "0x" draft has been published last week, finally! It might still change, but probably not much. It has 1310 pages, I'm not yet done with reading it and probably will never be. Compared to the C++ 2003 standard it is both more detailed and expanded. It contains funny things like a... more